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Posted  |  24th January 2024






Posted  |  5th March 2023

Remembering Mark on his 66th birthday, much loved and missed always

Your loving family

Statement on behalf of the late Mark E. Smith’s Family and Estate.  

Posted  |  30th January 2023

We wish to clarify to several ex-members of ‘The Fall’ and/or any potential labels or associates.

That whilst we wish you well in your future career and projects, we would like to make it quite clear and simple that the Family and Estate of Mark E. Smith in no way endorse nor wish to be associated with ‘House of All’.

Furthermore, we do not like or permit the use of Mark E. Smith’s name, images and/or band name to be used in any kind of exploiting way.

Not only do we find this extremely offensive and very misleading to the wider audience and fans of Mark E. Smith & The Fall, but it also causes us much sorrow, distress and discomfort.

Posted  |  24th January 2023

5 years ago . The world lost one of the finest. The ultimate in true rock & roll.
You Mark are loved, treasured & remembered every single day. Thanks for all the love, the laughs & the messages.

Your spirit lives on.

Forever in our hearts and thoughts. El Marko.

Ed Blaney & all the gang

Mark E. Smith – 05/03/57-24/01/18

Posted  |  24th January 2022

Loved and missed every single day. Gone but never forgotten.


Posted  |  12th February 2018

We would like to thank family, friends and fans for all their kind words, condolences and memories about our brother Mark.

Also, the N.H.S and staff who treated Mark throughout and Mark’s partner Pam who loved, cared and cherished our brother.

Mark fought a long and hard battle after his diagnosis of terminal lung and kidney cancer.  He took every treatment going, which could be brutal at times and left Mark with some horrible side effects. Mark was such a strong man and hated letting his fans down and tried to carry on regardless against all advice.

Mark had a great life and loved and lived it to the full and always by his own rules and we, as his sisters were privileged to be part of it too.

Mark is at peace now and pain free, but we, his three sisters have been left heartbroken and will miss our big brother very much.

Barbara, Suzanne and Caroline.

RIP Chief

Posted  |  24th January 2018

“The only band in the world”


Posted  |  30th November 2017

A Message to All, to All. From Mark E. Smith/The Fall group. As I, like Pr Rupert leave Bristol with my tail between my legs, I wish to give my great apologies to everybody. This idiotic idea to do both shows was purely my idea, against the advice of Pamela and The Fall group, agent & promoter. Hope to replace shows within 4 – 6 weeks. In the interim we have eight new songs ready to go and will try and let you hear a few before Christmas. From head patient to you, the patients. I love you all but cannot embrace you all, Mark E. Smith


Posted  |  17th November 2017

It is with great regret to announce that The Fall have had to cancel the show in Portugal tomorrow (Porto Hard Club, 18th Nov) due to illness. Despite the incredible progress Mark has made after a pretty rough year health-wise, he has now been rendered unfit to fly due to further dental/respiratory problems. This is all sudden (tooth out yesterday, has an abscess) and we thought about risking it and trying to get there, but ultimately decided on the right thing… health first. Unfortunately the Porto show just wasn’t meant to be at this current moment in time. I hope all fans & admirers The Fall can respect this decision, and apologies to anyone going/travelling/involved with the Porto show.

Statement re: New York and Louisville shows

Posted  |  25th August 2017

It is with great regret to announce that Mark E. Smith & The Fall have had to cancel all upcoming U.S shows in New York (Baby’s All Right) & Louisville (Cropped Out Festival) due mostly to terrible timing, reality and a mix of bizarre and rare (true to form) medical issues that Mark is currently being treated for. Unfortunately it would be a gamble on his health to fly anywhere over the next couple of months. Mark’s current problems are connected to his throat, mouth/dental & respiratory system… so throwing all the meds together and continuing with the travel/shows would certainly harm any progress that we have made over the past few weeks.

We understand that this is a huge deal for both American/worldwide fans of The Fall and The Fall themselves, Mark & the guys have been really excited and everyone is gutted about the outcome. However, it’s high-time Mark put his health first and that’s what we are gonna do.

So here’s the good news… NYC has been rescheduled already and we are gonna arrange another show in Louisville. Both promoters have been incredibly helpful & fantastic in securing The Fall a safe passage to America, and this will still be happening in 2018. Your Lord and Saviour Markus E. Smith wants to let you all know that even though he can’t play live for a short while, the cabin fever is spitting out a new album already and new music is now (as ever) The Fall’s main focus.

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